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Cellphone-Health.com is owned and operated by Lotus Pond Marketing Inc., independent consultant (Consultant ID: 19445) for GIA Wellness. Click here for our contact information.

About the inventor/developer of MRET technology:

Dr. Igor Smirnov, Ph.D., is founder of Global Quantech, Inc., a US Biotechnology Research corporation. He is a member of Bioelectromagnetics Society, Association of American Engineers, and a member of The Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine.

In 1980’s Dr. Igor Smirnov was actively involved in advanced research regarding the influence of low frequency electromagnetic oscillations on life cellular structures that was conducted at St. Petersburg University, Russia. As a result of research program he developed Molecular Resonance Effect technology (MRET). In 2000 Dr. Igor Smirnov was awarded with the US patent “Methods and Devices for Producing Activated Liquids and Methods of Use Thereof” for MRET technology.

In compliance with MRET Dr. Smirnov developed and patented in the USA the MRET-Shield (electromagnetic radiation optimum neutralizer), U.S. Patent no. 6,369,399 B1.

The distribution rights for MRET Technology (MRET Water and MRET Shield) for the US and many countries have been licensed to GIA Wellness.

Scientific Publications:

  • “Polymer Material Providing Compatibility between Technologically Originated EMR and Biological Systems” by Igor Smirnov, Ph. D., Explore Magazine, Vol. 15, No 4, 2006, USA.
  • “Comparative Study of the Effect of Microwave Radiation Neutralizers on Physiological State of Human Subjects” by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D., Explore magazine, vol.14, No.5, 2005.
  • “Electromagnetic Radiation Optimum Neutralizer” by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D, Explore magazine, v.11, number1, 2002, USA.
  • “Electromagnetic Radiation Optimum Neutralizer” The First Asian and Oceanic Congress for Radiation Protection (AOCRP-1), abstract, October, 2002, Korea.
  • “Electromagnetic Radiation Optimum Neutralizer” by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D, RSO magazine (Radiation Safety Associates), December, 2001, USA.

MRET: Scientific Publications and Presentations

About ERT and GIA Wellness

ERT (Energy Resonance Technology) is a proprietary technology developed by GIA Wellness. The technology itself was developed from the cumulative knowledge of scientific pioneers such as Samuel Hahnemann, Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla, Winfried Otto Schumann, George Lakhowski, Fritz Popp, Alexander Lowen and others. The technology uniquely connects core principles in the fields of bioenergetics, quantum physics and molecular biology. The core charging technology was developed by a group of bioenergetics innovators from Central Europe and North America.

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