Air Tube Headset: Why Regular Hands-Free Wired Headsets DO NOT Protect You from Cell Phone Radiation

THIS article explains why you need to throw away your regular hands-free cellphone headset and replace them with the air tube headset.

The health risks associated with cell phone radiofrequency radiation are now being proven by various scientific studies. Even the cell phone industry and government officials who still publicly deny such risks issue precautions to ease public concerns. One of the most commonly suggested precautionary measures is the use of a hands-free headset or earpiece when using the cell phone.

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Dr. George Carlo, the cellular industry’s chief research scientist turned whistleblower, even initially recommended their use in his ground-breaking book, Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age. The idea behind hands-free sets is simple. The strength of radio wave radiation decreases rapidly with distance from the handset. Exposure from a mobile phone even ten centimetres from your head is far lower than if the phone is right against your ear. The mobile phone antenna is where the radiation plumes are emitted from, and keeping it away from the body will reduce the exposure.

But lately even this practice is being called into question. Currently, the cellular industry encourages the use of hands-free (headset or earpiece) kits only because it creates the public perception that it is safer, not because it really is. The only real advantage of a hands-free option is that it offers greater freedom of use to the user, nothing else.

The truth is — using regular wired hands-free headsets does
not guarantee the lowering of health risks from mobile
phone radiation. In some cases, they actually increase it!

While some recent tests have shown that using a hands-free device may reduce exposure of the head to EMF emissions by around 70 percent, this does nothing to protect the rest of the body. If you are carrying the phone around your waist, for example, important blood-cell producing tissues in the pelvic bones are being exposed to radiation — as are your liver, kidneys, prostate, uterus, and ovaries. New research has shown that men who regularly carry their mobiles near the groin — on a belt or in a pocket — could potentially have their sperm count reduced by as much as 30 percent! Increased number of testicular cancer incidents are also being linked with this practice. Thats not all —

CHICAGO, July 22 /PRNewswire/ — “The cell phone headset has become popular as a way to reduce the cognitive impairment and cancer risk associated with radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure. However, the possibility of embryonic and fetal damage is now increasing as the radiating cell phone units are being moved elsewhere on or near the body. In many cases the devices are relocated immediately adjacent to the area where an embryo or fetus is carried. Researchers have emphatically reported that an embryo/fetus should not be exposed to radiofrequency radiation, such as that emitted by the portable cell phone or portable telephone. One particular reason to avoid RF radiation exposure during pregnancy is that an embryo/fetus may not be fully protected by amniotic fluid for extended periods of time due to the natural movement of the mother or the embryo/fetus within the womb. Secondly, the pelvic structure promotes deep RF radiation penetration and that radiation can be absorbed within the developing embryo/fetus.”
SOURCE The Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists

And, while exposure at the head level may be lessened by the use of a headset or earpiece, it may not be enough to bring the level of radiation below the threshold where biological effects occur. Scientific studies have reported biological effects induced by radiation intensities thousands of times below the level normally emitted from mobile phones, which means that even the 70 percent reduction in EMF exposure to the head is not nearly as effective as it sounds.

So, all that is happening with the use of a hands-free kit is that the radiation is being transferred to another part of the body, which potentially could be more vulnerable because it does not have the thickness of the skull to protect itself.

But the reality could be far worse…

Studies and tests of many of the hands-free kits by scientists and consumer groups in Europe found that the earpieces themselves serve as antennae that direct more electromagnetic radiation into the ears. Phone models may differ in the degree to which their internal wires conduct electricity. But these studies find that the kits intensify radiation exposure to the ear canal, and may actually raise the amount of radiation being directed into the head by more than three hundred percent!

Using a hands-free kit and making a call with a mobile phone clipped to your belt also means the phone will generally be working at a higher power level. That’s because it is generally harder to transmit from waist-height than head height. The harder the instrument has to work to carry the call, the greater the radiation that is emitted. This means the body tissue in the lower body area–which has good conductivity and absorbs radiation more quickly than the head–is receiving more radiation than the head would if the phone were used without an earpiece! Plus, because people think hands-free kits are safer, they tend to spend more time on the phone when using one of these devices. However…

Even government authorities have withdrawn their endorsement of the regular wired cell phone headset (also called hands-free kit) because its safe use is in doubt!

“The U.K. Department of Health decided not to endorse hands-free kits to cut radiation exposure. In its consumer brochure on Mobile Phones and Health, issued in 2000, the department waffled and told consumers that ‘the level of effectiveness of hands-free kits to reduce SAR is still uncertain.’?
(Microwave News, January/February 2002)

“With regards the advice that hands-free kits be used, there are conflicting results. Some studies suggest that radiation exposure, if it exists, could actually be higher because the ear piece is closer to the brain… Advice on the use of hands-free kits is being revised and national guidelines are due to be published later this year.”
– Martin Whild, Assistant Information Officer for the National Radiological Protection Board which advises both the public and government on the risks of radiation. (Evening Times London, England April 30, 2004)

How About Wireless (Bluetooth) Headsets?
Are They Any Safer?

Note: This video suggests at the end to use wired earpiece instead of Bluetooth earpiece.
As we have seen from above, the wired earpiece is not as radiation-safe either.
Best option is to use the Air Tube Headset.

CAUTION: Wireless headsets pose an even greater risk because the wire is replaced with a transmitter and receiver operating with low power at frequency levels between 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz. Microwave ovens operate at 2.4 GHz., and the maximum frequencies for wireless products compliant with Bluetooth and 3G specifications are 2.497 GHz. and 2.17 GHz., respectively.

Solution #1:
The Radiation-Free Air tube Headset


The Only Headset that Stops
EMF Radiation On Its Tracks–

Air Tube Headset

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The Air Tube Headset for the cell phone keeps radiation away from the head by using a hollow “air-tube” to transmit sound from a speaker located at a distance from the head. Tube and earpiece contain no metal conductors, hence virtually eliminating any radiation otherwise present in conventional hands-free units.

Conventional headsetConventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also deliver electromagnetic radiation directly to your head.Air Tube HeadsetThe Air Tube Headset delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube, which reduces the possibility of radiation reaching your head.

Tests by accredited laboratories show that using the Air Tube Headset reduces electromagnetic radiation parameters by 98%.

With the patented Aircom 2 technology, the Air Tube Headset provides effective radiofrequency intervention and high-quality sound delivery. The revolutionary hollow air tube and earpiece contain no metal conductors, which in traditional hands-free earpieces have been shown to act as attractors of EMR directly to your head. The Air Tube Headset —a smarter and safer way to use your cell phone.

  • Comfortable Earpiece wit Ear Hook
  • An Ultra-Light Hollow Air Tube with Patented Aircom 2 Technology Keeps Radiation Away
  • Complies with Hands-Free Driving Laws
  • Allows you to Speak Safely and Conveniently on your Mobile Phone while On The Go

Keep your head in the clear–
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Radiation-Free Air Tube Headset

Solution #2:
The MRET-powered Cell Chip

GIA Cell GuardGIA Cell Guard
w/ patented Radiation shield technology
for Cell Phones, Bluetooth, and PDAs

The GIA Cell Guard is a revolutionary safeguard against cell phone radiation that incorporates TWO powerful scientifically validated technologies: MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technolog) and ERT (Energy Resonance Technology). MRET, a patented noise-field nanotechnology developed by a Russian scientist, prevents adverse cell response by superimposing ‘noise-field’ on bio-affecting EMR (electromagnetic radiation). This noise-field is composed of electromagnetic oscillations of low frequencies that resemble frequencies of living cells in the body. This makes the EMR no longer a foreign toxin and allows the cells to function normally.

MRET Blood Test 1Control blood test of human
subject not exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR)Conducted at Quantum
Biotech Ltd.
MRET Blood Test 2Blood test of human subject exposed to EMR generated by cell phone without any protectionMRET Blood Test 3Blood test of human subject exposed to EMR generated by cellphone with proprietary patented MRET shield technology protection

ERT is a proprietary subtle physics technology that reduces effects of EMR by restoring and maintaining intercellular communications that are otherwise disrupted by EMR exposure. The technology was developed from the cumulative knowledge of scientific pioneers such as Samuel Hahnemann, Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla, Winfried Otto Schumann, George Lakhowski, Fritz Popp, Alexander Lowen and others. The technology uniquely connects core principles in the fields of bioenergetics, quantum physics and molecular biology.

Do not risk another phone call with a ‘microwave’ against your head!
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