Dr. George Carlo: New Data Proves Cell Phones Harmful

Dr. George Carlo, Chairman of the Science and Public Policy Institute, Washington DC, claims in a UK interview that it has new data that indicates use of mobile phones are damaging to humans. As Dr. Carlo reveals, “We have new data from our Safe Wireless Initiative in Washington, DC, that indicates the mechanism that underlies a cause for concern is clearly now elucidated. We understand that these information-carrying radio waves trigger protein membrane responses at the cell membrane level leading to disruption of intercellular communications and buildup of free radicals inside the cell. This mechanism understanding is very important, because it now explains the wide diversity in symptoms that we are seeing in patients who are reporting electro-hypersensitivity and also other conditions such as headaches, and unexplained anxiety, that henceforth from this point forward we’ll know will be associated with information-carrying radio waves.”

By the way, this ‘mechanism’ that Dr. Carlo describes is what the MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) addresses in the new BioPro Cell Chip. It prevents precisely the triggering of protein responses in the cell membrane by superimposing a ‘noise-field’ on the electromagnetic wave similar to the resonance frequencies of living cells in the body. In other words, the cell no longer sees the EMF wave as foreign and does not have to go through its stress reaction. You can learn more about how this works here: How MRET Works

Also see: more Dr. George Carlo interviews.

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