Archive for November, 2009

‘The Children’s Wireless Protection Act’ Calls for Cell Phone Warning Labels


A non-profit organization called The People’s Initiative Foundation recently started a petition campaign for The Children’s Wireless Protection Act. An excerpt from the petition reads as follows: “We the people of the United States petition our leaders and regulators for the immediate placement of clear and visible warning labels on all cell phone packaging as […]


Rep. Dennis Kucinich Says Cell Phone Radiation Gave Him ‘Headaches’ (Video)


Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) spoke briefly about the cell phone health issue during a recent conference of scientists and government officials on that subject in Congress. Rep. Kucinich relates his personal experience of getting ‘headaches’ when using the cell phone and the precautionary measures he has applied to circumvent the effects. Rep. Kucinich is the […]

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