WiFi Radiation May Be Killing Your Plants

Most homes nowadays are equipped with wifi routers to run their wireless network. These routers emit wireless frequencies throughout the network. What could the effects of that exposure be? Well, according to the following report, it could kill plants. Now the question arises, if it could harm plants, could it also harm other living beings, say, for example, human beings. Hmm.

Mobile phones have had a chequered history, being linked to cancer, migraines and exploding petrol stations, and now itâ’s time for Wi-Fi networks to be in the spotlight.  Five students at a Danish high school think there might be, and they’ve got evidence to prove it. The girls all reported having trouble concentrating the next day when they slept with their phones by their bedside.  Unfortunately, most regional high schools in northern Denmark don’€™t come with brain activity measurement facilities.

Unperturbed, the girls decided to test out their theory by placing trays of watercress seeds next to their home Wi-Fi routers, which pump out approximately the same amount of radiation as a mobile phone. As a control group, trays were placed in other rooms that had similar conditions but were without the presence of substantial Wi-Fi radiation.

After twelve days, the seeds in the radiation-free room had turned into green, leafy sprouts and showed every sign of good health. Conversely, the seeds located near the routers had died a horrible death, they were brown, shrivelled and, in some cases, mutated. The students repeated the experiment and received the same results.

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