Top 5 Cell Phones with the Highest Radiation

Here are the top five cell phones with the highest radiation, according to CNET. Mobile phone radiation levels are measured in terms of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), the rate in which the radiation is absorbed into the body. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all cell phone manufacturers  to limit the SAR of their phones to max 1.65 watts/kg of flesh. The following phones have the closest SAR levels to the maximum limit:

  1. Motorola Droid Maxx – SAR 1.54 w/kg
  2. Motorola Droid Ultra – SAR 1.54 w/kg
  3. Motorola Moto E – SAR 1.5 w/kg
  4. Alcatel One Touch Evolve – SAR 1.49 w/kg
  5. Huawei Vitria – SAR 1.45 w/kg

If you have one of these phones, and you are not ready to swap it for another with lower radiation, you can mitigate whatever effects they may have by using a cell phone radiation protection device, such as the GIA Cell Guard or the Pong Radiation-Reducing Case.

Source: CNET Top 5 – Phones with highest radiation – YouTube

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