Yet Another Study Confirms Cell Phone Radiation Kills Sperm

Cell Phone Radiation Lowers Sperm Count Among MenPrevious studies had reported links between lower sperm quality and cell phone radiation exposure. A new study published in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine in Israel confirms the same thing: men who kept their phones near their groin are found to have lower sperm levels – about four times lower than men who didn’t. And, get this, they also found that just talking on the phone itself doubled the chances of lower sperm quality. AND, if the phone was charging, the risk of lowering sperm quality is doubled again.

The study was conducted among 106 men visiting a fertility clinic. The scientists speculate that the heat and electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phone damages the testes’ ability to make sperm.

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Here’s more on the story:

Talking on Cellphone Daily Lowers Sperm Count

Men who talk on a cellphone for at least an hour every day double their risk of infertility, says a new study which indicates that the electromagnetic activity and heat coming from cell phones lower levels of healthy sperm so much that fathering a child could be difficult.

Several studies have found that the quality of sperm is decreasing in Western countries. Low sperm quality is considered to be the problem in 40 percent of couples having difficulty conceiving. Numerous studies have put at least some of the blame on cellphones.

The latest study, which was conducted at Haifa, Israel’s Technion University, found that men who talked on their cellphones for more than an hour a day had a 60.9 percent chance of having abnormal sperm counts compared to 35.7 percent of the general population. Men who talked on their phones while they were charging had an even higher risk — 66 percent.

Where cellphones are kept also affected fertility. The study found that sperm levels were negatively affected in 47 percent of men who kept cellphones in their pants pocket compared to only 11 percent of men in the general population. Even keeping the phone beside their beds lowered sperm counts.

Source: Newsmax

This goes to show that adopting precautionary measures, or not, at this point would have repercussions for future progeny. Would using a cell phone radiation protection gadget make a difference in this regard? Hard to say, but based on other biological tests there is a probability that it could help.

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