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Is Google Glass Radiation Cause for Concern?


While the much-talked about Google Glass is yet to be released, there is already debate as to whether the radiation it emits will pose a health hazard based on current research on cellular radiation. Here’s one interesting take on it… Google’s first attempt at face-based computing, Project Glass, isn’t very useful unless it’s connected to […]


Cell Phone Use Linked to Hearing Loss


Can you hear me now? Well, apparently, if you’re a frequent mobile phone user, there may be a chance that you won’t, or will have difficulty doing so. Here’s a report from a study conducted a couple of years ago… More recently, medical doctors from another part of the world have also reported seeing more […]


India May Ban Import of Mobile Phones Not Displaying Radiation Level

Cell phone warning

The India government has shown that it is serious about the cell phone radiation health safety issue. Now, in addition to a previous directive requiring phone manufacturers to display the radiation emission levels on their phones, and a lab setup to ensure compliance, it is now requiring mobile phones being imported into the country to […]


San Francisco Revokes Cell Phone Radiation Law


A potentially landmark legislation that consumer and health advocates had been banking on was finally struck down by the San Francisco supervisors following a key loss in court against the cell phone industry. More on the story here… The San Francisco Board of Supervisors ends its 3-year battle with the wireless industry by agreeing to


Korean Study: Mobile Phone Radiation Spikes in Subways

Cell phone users in Seoul subway

It is easy to see how people riding in subways can be exposed to a higher level of cell phone radiation. Not only are crowds of commuters using the phone at the same time, but phones in enclosed spaces, and in moving vehicles such as trains, have to work harder to connect to base stations. […]

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