Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Products (And More)

GIA Wellness EMF Intervention

GIA Cell GuardGIA Cell Guard
For cell phones, Bluetooth, PDAs. Learn more
GIA Universal GuardGIA Universal Guard
For cordless phones, computers, etc. Learn more
Air Tube Headset
Radiation-free airtube headsets w/ dual technology. Learn more
GIA Car Harmonizer singleCar Harmonizer
Radiation Protection for autos (including hybrids). Learn more
GIA Cell Guard CaseNEW! Cell Guard Case
Radiation protection phone cases. Learn more
Smart Meter Radiation DefenderNEW! Smart Meter Defender
Neutralizes RF emission effects. Learn more
GIALife PendantGIA Life Pendant
For personal EMF protection 24/7. Learn more
Gia WellnessFor more GIA Wellness products and solutions, click here.

Highly Recommended

GIA iH20 (MRET) Water Activation System
As Seen in “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.” Easy-to-use hydration technology transports nutrients into, and removes toxins from, the body’s cells. Learn more

More Cell Phone Radiation Protection Solutions

Belly Armor Radiation Shield

Belly Armor
Radiation shield protection for expecting mothers. FCC-certified lab tested.
Learn more

Moshi Moshi Retro Handset - Red

Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro Handsets
Retro phone handsets eliminate up to 99% cell phone radiation. Learn more

Low Radiation Cell PhonesLow Radiation Cell Phones
Cell phones with SAR levels well below the FCC limit. Learn more

tawkon Cell Phone Radiation Monitor App
Download app to monitor your phone’s radiation level. Available for selected Android, Blackberry models. Learn more




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