Cell Phones and Children: Health Dangers and Ways to Minimize Risk (Part 1)

Cell Phones and Children


Doctor George Carlo, former Chief Scientist of the world’s largest research effort into wireless safety, was hired by the cellular phone industry to prove that cell phones are safe — HE COULDN’T!


“One by one, alarming signs appeared in Dr. Carlo’s research: that cell phones interfere with pacemakers, that developing skulls of children are penetrated deeply by the energy emitted from a cell phone, that the blood brain barrier which prevents invasion of the brain by toxins can be compromised by the cell phone radiation, and most startling, that radio frequency radiation creates micronuclei in human blood cells, a type of genetic damage known to be a diagnostic marker for cancer.”
~ from Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wieless Age by Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram


Cell Phone Radiation Penetrates Children’s
Still-Developing Brains More Deeply

Radiation Penetration in Head of AdultRadiation Penetration
in head of adult
Radiation Penetration in Head of 10-Yr OldRadiation Penetration in
head of 10 year old child
Radiation Penetration in Head of 5-Yr OldRadiation Penetration in
head of 5 year old child


Children are more susceptible to genetic damage because the tissues in their brains and bodies are still growing and their cells are rapidly dividing. Damage to the genetic material in growing cells can lead to disruption of cellular function, cell death, the development of tumors, and damage to the immune and nervous systems. Further, the protective systems that allow for adaptation to environmental insults of all types are not fully developed in children. In the brain, for example, these systems develop and grow until a person is in his or her early 20s.

The higher susceptibility of children and teenagers to the types of health risks that the radio wave scientific data are now showing, coupled with the significantly higher penetration of radio wave radiation into children’s heads, brains, and eyes calls for immediate action to protect children.

A recent survey conducted in the UK shows that 87 percent of 11- to 16-year-olds own mobile phones, and that 40 percent of them spend 15 minutes or more each day talking on their cell phones. Even more disturbing, 70 percent of these children said they would not change their cell phone use even if advised to by the Government. It’s predicted that by the year 2006 there will be over 2 billion cell phone users in the world – 500 million of them will be children!

As our technology advances and EMF pollution from multiple sources increases, we must be alert to the growing threat to our children of EMF exposure…


The long-term effects of damage inflicted today
won’t be known for years to come!

 The harmful effects of exposure to EMF accumulate over time. The health cases that came to light in the 1990s most likely had their origin in the 1980s or before. The EMF problem has been categorized as a new form of pollution as consequential as air and water pollution. It has also been likened to the hazards of asbestos and cigarette smoking. In terms of its snowballing health effects, it’s been compared to the slow process of lead poisoning.

“The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones” is “the largest human biological experiment ever”
~ Professor Leif Salford, Head of Research at Lund University, Sweden

But we need not look too far into the future to see what the consequences are of exposing our children to this harmful radiation right now. According to a statistic provided by NeurologyChannel.com, “Malignant brain tumors are the second leading cause of death in children [under age 15] and young adults [under the age of 34]”. In Australia, they’re the NUMBER ONE. And experts are suggesting a connection with increased EMF radiation exposure from the use of cell phones.

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