Cell Phones and Children: Health Dangers and Ways to Minimize Risk (Part 2)

See Cell Phones and Children (Part 1)

Just take a look at the following published reports and you will agree that we can’t afford to wait much longer before we take any action–


A Look at Today’s Headlines


An earnest look at the news headlines of recent years will show that this is more than just a ‘public scare’. There has been an abundance of media coverage on the hazards of EMF waves and cell phones. Below is just a sampling of media reports that specifically address the issue of EMF exposure on children:

Increase in Childhood Brain Cancers Linked with Cell Phone Use
Reported by Ray Martin
” A Current Affair” – Australia
July 7, 2004

A surprising story on “A Current Affair” TV episode had a prominent (and brave) Australian neurosurgeon actually admitting on national TV that an alarming increase in children’s brain cancers may be connected with mobile phone use (and exposure to other sources of EMF).


What Cell Phones Can Do To A Youngster’s Brain In 2 Minutes
U.K. Sunday Mirror
April 1, 2004

Scientists have discovered that a call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child’s brain for up to an hour afterwards…


RF radiation linked to Autism in children
Research Study
Robert C. Kane, Ph.D.,
February 2004


U.K. Gov. Bans Cell Phones in all schools
The Sun, UK Press
November 16, 2003

TEACHERS have been ordered to ban their pupils from using their mobile phones amid rising safety fears.



Cell Phones Could Make Teens Go Senile Early
The Independent
Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
14 September 2003

Mobile phones and the new wireless technology could cause a “whole generation” of today’s teenagers to go senile in the prime of their lives.


Mouth Cancer and Mobile Phone Use by Children
Novemeber 17, 2004


Teen Cell Phone Radiation Risk
CPRNews Bureau
April 04, 2003

Mobile phone manufacturers should take seriously a Swedish finding that their products are dangerous for teenagers and work on developing safer phones, says scientist Dr Neil Cherry.


“Mobile Phones Killed My Daughter”
John Coles
August 28, 2002

A distraught mum blamed the death of her “chatterbox” teenage daughter on radiation from a mobile phone.


Unborn Children Damaged by Cell Phone Use
Citizens Initiative Omega
August 22, 2002

The cell phone headset has become popular as a way to reduce the cognitive impairment and cancer risk associated with radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure. However, the possibility of embryonic and fetal damage is now increasing as the radiating cell phone units are being moved elsewhere on or near the body.


Top Scientists Damns Companies for Targeting the Young and Putting Their Health at Risk
Daily Mail, London
January 26, 2002

Mobile phone firms are cynically targeting children despite fears they are most at risk from radiation, a leading scientist claimed.


EMF and Childhood Leukemia Risk
Microwave News
September/October 2000


Can You See that We Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer?
Our Future Generations are at Risk!

What Do Your Kids Want to be When They Grow Up?
EMF Radiation Causes Genetic Damage
and Impairs Learning Ability!



Published research continues to reinforce the understanding that human exposure to radio frequency radiation can cause damaging genetic effects including chromosome damage, DNA damage, cancer, memory loss, and cognitive impairment. Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children due to EMF penetration of the brain could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impaired learning ability.

“Recent studies involving short-term exposures have demonstrated that subtle effects on brain functions can be produced by low-intensity pulse modulated radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Some research involving rodents has shown adverse effects on short-term and long-term memory. The concern is that if such effects may occur in young children, then even slight impairment of learning ability over years of education may negatively affect the quality of life that could be achieved by these individuals, when adults.”
– Norbert Hankin, Environmental Scientist, EPA’s Office of Radiation & Indoor Air, April 26, 2000


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