Distributorship Information for GIA Wellness Products

If you have a health-related practice or an interest in promoting health and wellness resources to clients, family and friends, here is an opportunity to make a part- or full-time income. GIA Wellness offers a business opportunity where you can purchase GIA Wellness products at 20-30% discount, OR refer prospective customers to your own personalized website (like this) and earn 20-30% commission on every sale. There is also a network referral option where you can refer other people to become distributors and earn commission whenever they purchase, make sales, or refer others into the business as well..

For example, one of our more popular products of late is the iH2O Water Activation System. You can sign up now by choosing the iH2O Special Pack and save $271 off the retail price (as of this writing) immediately. On top of that deal, you also receive 20% discount on all GIA Wellness products, as well as earn 20% commission on referred sales through your own personalized website provided by GIA.

For those who are more serious about building their own business,  you can go for the Manager or Business Builder Packs which entitle you to 30% discount on product purchases and 30% commissions on referred sales.

You can learn more details about this excellent opportunity from GIA Wellness by clicking on the appropriate link below.

GIA Wellness Distributorship/Business Opportunity:
USACanadaAustraliaNew Zealand

Note: This opportunity only applies to GIA Wellness products. This does not  include products from  other companies that are featured on this website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are from a country other than listed above and are interested in becoming a distributor for your country, please contact us as well. 

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