Cell Phone Usage and EMF Waves Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have been a heavy user of mobile phones for years and I feel fine, why should I feel concerned? How do I know if there is a problem?
A: Some people feel a specific or an unspecific symptom when they use a mobile phone, others don’t. It is highly individual. It has been reported in scientific papers that EMFs such as those emitted from mobile phones may significantly increase the risk of conditions such as cancer. Individuals developing such conditions rarely feel anything before it’s too late. Therefore, even if you “feel nothing”, it is no guarantee that you are safe.

Q: Does using an ear piece help? (How far away should I keep my handset from the head?)
A: Nobody knows for certain, since scientific studies have reported biological effects induced by radiation intensities thousands of times below the level emitted from mobile phones. This means that even the reduction in head exposure intensity obtained by using an ear piece may not bring the level of radiation below the threshold where biological effects occur. In general, any reduction in the intensity of radiation emitted into the head of the user is of course desirable; however, if the user is carrying the handset in his belt, s/he will be exposing important blood cell producing tissues in the pelvic bones, as well as his/her reproductive organs to radiation.

Q: Is there any risk from keeping my phone on standby in my pocket?
A: Your cell phone, even when not it use (but turned on), does still emit harmful waves that can potentially effect the body.

Q: Why haven’t more human laboratory studies been made?
A: Laboratory studies on humans are difficult and costly to conduct. Therefore, the research has been focused on cell and humane animal laboratory studies and epidemiological studies on humans. However, some studies have been made on humans showing an increased blood pressure, changed EEG readings (brain waves) and changed EKG readings (heart beats) as a result of mobile phone radiation.

Q: What are GIA Cell Guards and how were they developed?
A: GIA Cell Guards are a technology designed to eliminate the biological effects of EMF exposure. The GIA Cell Guard technology has been developed as a result of a large research effort. For specific research studies on the Technology, please click here.

Q: How do the GIA Cell Guards work?
A: Please read the Research studies conducted, as well as a more detailed presentation on how the technology works.

Q: What evidence is there that it protects me from EMF waves?
A: Please read the Research studies conducted, as well as a more detailed presentation on how the technology works.

Q: Will my GIA Cell Guards interfere with the normal functioning or range of my cell phone?
A: GIA Cell Guards will not interfere at all with the operation or range of your cellular phone.

Q: Will my GIA Cell Guards affect talk and standby time?
A: No, your GIA Cell Guards will have no affect on talk or standby time.

Q: Will my GIA Cell Guards interfere with other cellular phones or other electrical equipment?
A: No. There is no electronic interference associated with the GIA Cell Guards.

Q: Will my GIA Cell Guards stop my ear becoming warm when I use my phone?
A: The GIA technology will not eliminate tissue heating and any inconveniences associated with your phone. However, some of the “heating” sensation may be associated with the induction of stress proteins, a biological effect not necessarily associated with heating, and thus the GIA Cell Guards may help to reduce that symptom.

Q: Will my GIA Cell Guards stop me getting the headaches that I get when I use my cellular phone?
A: If your headache is caused by non-heating biological effects induced by cellular phone EMFs, the GIA Cell Guards should stop this headache. If actual heating or exhaustion from talking on the phone causes your headache, the GIA Cell Guards will not stop this.

Q: Does this mean that I will not have to worry at all about the radiation or should I continue to use an earpiece?
A: With the GIA Cell Guards, you will not have to worry about negative biological effects from EMF waves. If you are bothered by actual heating of your phone, you should consider an earpiece or other device so the cellular phone is not held next to your ear.

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