GIALife Pendant Frequently Asked Questions


Note: The GIALife Pendant was formerly the BIOLife Pendant.

GIALife Pendants

GIALife Pendants

Q. When I wear the GIALife Pendant, should the logo side side be facing my body or does it matter?

A. The pendant was designed in a way so that you can vary the intensity depending on which way you wear it. When the logo side is facing out, it’s stronger (meant for the average person). When the logo is facing in, it has a more subtle feeling.

Q. Can I wear the GIALife Pendant in the shower?
A. Yes. It is waterproof.

Q. Will the GIALife Pendant interfere with my pacemaker?
A. No.

Q. What will I feel when I start wearing the GIALife Pendant?
A. Most people feel happy, calm and focused. They feel less stressed and sometimes more energetic. Some sleep more soundly. Different people have different results.

Q. If I feel uncomfortable when I first start wearing the GIALife Pendant, what should I do?
A. Take it off and put it in your pocket for one to two hours per day. Increase to three to four hours a day the following week. After 30 days your body will adapt to the GIALife Pendant and you can start wearing it 24/7.

Q. What if I don’t feel any different in a few days of wearing the GIALife Pendant?
A. The GIALife Pendant enhances the Biofield. This is something you don’t always notice or feel immediately. We suggest you wear it for a month and then take it off for a day of two. You will then feel the difference.

Q. Does the GIALife Pendant contain a battery or any moving parts?
A. No.

Q. How is the GIALife Pendant charged?
A. The GIALife Pendant is charged in the Energy Elevation Chamber with BIOPRO’s proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT).

Q. How does the charging process work?
A. The proprietary nature of the charging process allows BIOPRO to charge all of its products. We do not share this proprietary information.

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