GIA Mobile Stereo Air Tube Headset: Radiation-Free Headset for Cell Phone

Keep AWAY harmful cell phone radiation from your head! The GIA Wellness hands free air tube headset uses AirCom™ Technology to keep potentially harmful radiation AWAY from your head, and a dual-action technology designed to neutralize the effects of harmful radiation, while supporting the body’s resilience to stress at the same time. A specially designed microphone for clear communication and earbuds made from natural wood make the GIA Air Tube Headset an effective and radiation-safe communication tool. It also complies with hands-free driving laws, so you can drive safely while talking on your mobile phone!

Conventional Hands-Free HeadsetConventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also deliver electromagnetic radiation directly to your head.Hollow Air Tube HeadsetThe Radiation-Free Air Tube Headset delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube, which reduces the possibility of radiation reaching your head.

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Features & Benefits of the GIA Mobile Air Tube Headset:

  • GIAPLEX A proprietary, dual-action technology designed to neutralize the effects of harmful radiation, while supporting the body’s resilience to stress at the same time.*
  • AIRCOM TECHNOLOGY A patented sound delivery process utilizing an air tube to produce “live” sound with no interference.
  • MICROPHONE Specially designed for clear communication and features a squeeze ON/OFF button.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY Produced from natural and recycled materials.
  • WOOD Earbuds are made from natural wood and paired with soft, noise isolating, rubber ear tips (S/M/L) to capture the essence of sound.
  • Complies with hands-free driving laws
  • Fits phones with 3.5mm headset jack (which is most cell phones). Other phones may need a 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter.

Fact: Bluetooth earpieces place a radiating antenna inside your ear and therefore even closer to your brain. Regular “Hands-free” wired earpieces can transmit radiation through the wire and into your ear and can triple the amount of radiation beamed into the head [Source: British Consumers Association].

Powered by Dual-Action GIAPlex technology

The GIA Air Tube Headset, along with other GIA EMR protection products, utilizes a combination of two powerful technologies:
1. MRET-Shield technology – a patented technology issued U.S. Patent No. 6,369,399 B1; this technology superimposes a ‘noise-field’ frequency over the wireless radiation to make them harmless to human cells. (Read more)
2. Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) – a proprietary technology that further protects the person’s biofield from stress induced by the radiation. (Read more)


State-of-the-Art AirCom™ Technology

The GIA Wellness Air Tube Headset was developed using AirCom™ Technology to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head. This technology utilizes a state-of-the-art SPL enhanced sound chamber which delivers a crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube (similar to a doctor’s stethoscope). By replacing the wire with AirCom™ Technology, this state-of-the art Radiation-Free Headset reduces the possibility of radiation from reaching your head.

To sum up, the GIA Wellness Air Tube Headset with AirCom™ Technology delivers crystal clear sound through a hollow air-filled wireless tube, which reduces the possibility of radiation reaching your head. PLUS its dual-action technology neutralizes the effects of cell phone radiation and supports the body’s ability to withstand radiation-induced stress. This makes the GIA Wellness Headset the most powerful and the best air tube headset on the market today.

Sleek and sophisticated in design, the GIA Headset is the new standard by which all headsets are measured.

What People Are Saying

“I used to get a sore ear when I talked on a cell phone with a regular wired headset. When GIA introduced their Mobile Airtube Headset, I started using it immediately and my ear is no longer sore. I have felt relief ever since!” *
P.F. Paia, HI

“I’m a stay-at-home Dad with an office in my house, so mobility is a must for me at home and around town. When the kids and work got a little too busy, I could count on getting a migraine headache–the kind of migraine where I’d want to lie down for an hour or so in a cool, dark, quiet room with an ice pack on my head. This happened a couple of times per week. When I learned about GIA, I knew a little about EMF pollution, but not enough to point a guilty finger at it for causing my headaches. Within one week of having the GIA Mobile Airtube Headset and Cell Guard on my phone, to my relief, I felt my headaches decreasing in frequency and intensity by 80%.”
J. M., North Hampton, NH

How to Order

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GIA Mobile Hands-Free
Air Tube Headset

GIA Mobile Air Tube Headset


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100% Risk-Free
We are absolutely confident that you will benefit from using this product. But if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just return the product within 30 days of your purchase and GIA Wellness will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Quick FAQs

Q. If I use the Hands-Free Air Tube Headset, do I still need to put a Cell Guard on my phone?
A. Yes, we still recommend that you use the GIA Cell Guard on your cell phone. While the Radiation-Free Headset will help you avoid the impact of immediate exposure on your head, the phone itself will still emit EMR that can affect whatever part of your body it is closely held to. In addition, cell phone radiation can still put stress on the person’s biofield, even if it isn’t in immediate contact with the body. Using the Cell Guard on the phone will help prevent that.

The best combination to address both the exposure to EMR emitted from your cell phone and providing you with hands-free convenience is by using the GIA Cell Guard and the Hands-Free Air Tube Cell Phone Headset together.

Q. Do I need to apply a GIA Cell Guard to the ear buds of my GIA Mobile Airtube Headset?
A. No, the Mobile Airtube Headset is “wireless” therefore it does not emit or attract ambient EMR. It also contains the proprietary dual-action GIAplex™ technology. However, GIA recommendsthat the cell phone in which the headset is plugged into hasthe Cell Guard applied to it – in order to offer the most optimalintervention against the effects of EMR exposure.

Q. How long is the connection between the ear buds and the plug that goes into the cell phone?
A. The Mobile Airtube Headset has a lengthy cord which allows you to use it at a comfortable distance, while offering plenty of mobility.

Q. Why does the GIA headset have two ear buds with an “air tube”?
A. GIA’s Mobile Airtube Headset keeps radiation away from the head by using two hollow “air tubes” with the patented Aircom® technology to transmit sound from a speaker located at a distance from the head. The tubes and stereo ear buds contain no metal conductors, hence virtually eliminating any radiation otherwise present in conventional hands-free units.

Q. When using headsets in the past, the volume always seems quieter than my cell phone’s volume. How does GIA’s Mobile Airtube Headset compare?
A. Once you adjust the speaker volume on your cell phone (the handset) to a higher volume, any potential volume issues should disappear. On most phones, there is an option in the “settings” menu which will allow you to adjust the volume
transferred to your Mobile Airtube Headset, etc. As it relates to GIA’s Mobile Airtube Headset in particular, make sure the volume setting on your cell phone is set to “high.” Please also note that with the GIA Mobile Airtube Headset, the sound is being created in the speaker attached below both air tubes. From there, it travels upward through the air tubes to the ear buds (which is the very reason the headset attracts 98% less radiation than a conventional headset). In conventional headsets, the sound is being produced in the earpiece itself, requiring a radiation-attracting wire to run all the way up against your head (not advisable), as well as creating audible static. The innovative design of the GIA Mobile Airtube Headset effectively eliminates these issues.

Q. My phone does not support the 3.5mm headset jack. Do you also carry the adapter I need to use the Radiation-Free Headset with my phone?
A. We don’t carry the adapter but they are readily available inexpensively at mobile phone retailers or online stores like Amazon. If your phone has the 2.5mm jack, for example, make sure you get the 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter.

Q. Is this a good air tube headset for iPhone?
A. Yes, most of the iPhone models have the standard 3.5mm headset jack, so this headset will fit perfectly.

* Statements made about this product have not been evaluated by any governmental agencies. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. Any testimonials given reflect the actual experience of each individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

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