GIA Car Harmonizer – Car EMF Radiation Protection

Also Works with Hybrid & Electric Cars
Stay Alert And Clear-Headed While On The Road By Protecting

Yourself From Your Car’s Electromagnetic Radiation Emissions

Introducing the GIA Car Harmonizer

The GIA Car Harmonizer is the most convenient way to enjoy an energetically harmonious environment in your car. Simply place the GIA Car Harmonizer in your car’s center console or attach it to your key-chain, and enjoy!

Powered by dual-action GIAplex™ technology, the Car Harmonizer reinforces your body’s natural resilience to the effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure.

In addition to its incredible energetic qualities, the Car Harmonizer also features a convenient, environmentally friendly solar charger for a number of your electronic devices, such as the cell phone, smart phone, PDA, mp3 player, digital camera, and portable game. As a bonus, it also sports a bright LED flashlight.

Product Details

  • Designed specifically for use in automobiles (including hybrids & electric cars)
  • Powered by GIA’s proprietary, dual-action GIAplex™ technology (which includes the patented MRET and proprietary ERT)
  • An effective way to reinforce your body’s natural resilience to the effects of electropollution exposure
  • Also features universal solar charger for multiple hand-held electronic devices (2 cables, 3 universal adapters included)
  • Bright LED flashlight!

Why You Need Car Radiation Protection

Throughout the past decade, advanced navigation and communication technologies have turned cars into major electromagnetic radiation (EMR) zones: GPS guidance and tracking tools, remote controls, powered accessories, radio and music systems, bluetooth, etc. In addition to electronic instrumentation on the dashboard, your alternator also generates powerful radiation. And because your car has a metal frame, the radiation is trapped inside your car (“Faraday cage” effect).

To add insult to the injury, while driving you are being fired at by cell towers and exposed to high magnetic fields from power lines you pass along the road. All this immersion in electrosmog causes drowsiness, “brain fog” and irritability in the short term, and possibly more serious health problems in the long term.

Hybrids & Electric Cars

The electromagnetic radiation in hybrid and electric cars is even higher. You might be helping save the environment by minimizing or foregoing fossil fuels, but you may be putting your health at greater risk from all the exposure. The batteries and power cables in hybrids are often placed close to the driver and passengers, and the exposure is prolonged for drivers who spend hours each day at the wheel.

Some hybrid owners who have actually tested their cars for electromagnetic fields are alarmed by the readings. A few even complain of sleepiness and high blood pressure where none existed prior to owning their hybrid car.

Considering the importance of alertness and safety while driving, it is essential that we surround ourselves with the right kind of energetic environment.

Dual-Action Technology for Twice the Protection

The GIA Car Harmonizer, along with other GIA EMR protection products, is powered by GIAPLex, a combination of two innovative technologies:
1. MRET-Shield technology (as seen in “The Truth About Cancer” docu-series) – a patented technology issued U.S. Patent No. 6,369,399 B1. MRET technology superimposes a ‘noise-field’ frequency over the electromagnetic radiation produced by the automobile and renders them harmless to human cells. (Read more)
2. Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) – GIA’s own proprietary technology creates a “virtual armor” that protects the person’s biofield from stress induced by electromagnetic radiation. (Read more)

Watch the following video for a simplified analogy of how the GIAPlex “dynamic duo” works. The video shows the GIA Cell Guard to illustrate the process, but the principle works the same with the Car Harmonizer.

Equipped with Convenient Solar Charger

The Car Harmonizer’s built-in environmentally friendly solar charger is compatible with a number of your electronic devices:

What People Are Saying

“I have a car harmonizer and I love that.  Not only can you hook it up
to your cellphone and when you’re all of a sudden low on charge, you
can charge it – but you can also carry it [with you anywhere].  It’s just
so calm in our car!”
C.M., Novato, CA

“I took a trip down to long beach, about a nine-hour drive, with my
husband.  We’ve done that drive many times before, but when I had the
car harmonizer with me and I could really tell the difference.  I got to the
end of the trip and I still had a working brain and I had energy!”
N.M., Castro Valley, CA

“My teaching day ended at about 6 PM. By then I was so exhausted that I felt my eyes closing on me: driving home was very difficult. But my evening was just starting and I would have to drive at least another hour – I was getting a splitting headache which is quite unusual for me. Arriving home I remembered that among the exciting mementoes of the GIA Conference, I had purchased some GIA Car Harmonizers. Maybe one of those would help. I clipped one of them onto my car keychain. Ten minutes later I was back in the car on the way to an appointment when I realized that my headache was gone. Not only that, but I felt a gentle wash of energy which not only made my drive possible, but quite pleasant as well. Returning home several hours later the gentle energy was still there and I was even able to recharge my BlackBerry using the Car Harmonizer while driving.” *
B.G., Brooklyn, NY

How to Order

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Car Harmonizer 4-Pack – US$714.50

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*Note: USA and CAN orders are shipped from Carlsbad, CA.
AUS and NZ orders are shipped from Rye, VIC.

Usage & Directions

Simply place the GIA Car Harmonizer in your car’s center console or attach it to your key-chain, and enjoy!

Download Car Harmonizer instructions

For detailed instructions on charging the Car Harmonizer battery, as well as instructions on using the Car Harmonizer to charge your handheld electronic devices, please refer to the instruction manual inside the product box.

100% Risk-Free We are absolutely confident that you will benefit from using this product. But if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just return the product within 30 days of your purchase and GIA Wellness will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

*The patented polymer contained in the Car Harmonizer reaches structural fatigue after 3 years of continuous usage. To assure optimal and continuous performance of the technology, we recommend that you replace your Car Harmonizers once the 3-year mark of their initial usage is reached.

*Statements made about any products referenced on this website, and/or in any GIA Wellness presentation(s) or literature have not been evaluated by any governmental agencies. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. Any testimonials given reflect the actual experience of each individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

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