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Powerful, Effective Radiation Safeguard for Any Cell Phone!

GIA Cell Guard - Cell Phone Radiation Protection
GIA Cell Guard

You Deserve to Make Your Important Calls with Peace of Mind–
The GIA Cell Guard™(same product as the former BIOPRO Cell Chip*) offers a groundbreaking and effective way to help you deal with the cumulative EMR-induced stress associated with using your personal electronic communication devices.

  • Neutralizes harmful effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Works effectively on cell phones, Bluetooth and Smartphones
  • Proven highly effective in numerous laboratory tests
  • Water and heat-resistant
  • Will NOT affect the signal strength of your cell phone
  • Powered by GIAPlex, a powerful combination of patented MRET-Shield technology and proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT)
  • MRET-Shield technology is protected by U.S. Patent No.6,369,399 B1

Substantiated by decades of research and testing in leading labs and universities, the GIA Cell Guard will make your calls a lot safer and give you the peace of mind you need. –

GIA Cell Guard Installation Instructions


What People Are Saying

“When I was introduced to the GIA Cell Guard, I was skeptical regarding its validity. However, after putting the Cell Guard on my Cell Phone, I no longer get a hot ear after continued Cell Phone use and I feel less stressed!” -J.L., San Diego, CA**

“For the last 10 years I have used a Cell Phone between 30 and 60 hours per week for business. During the last several years I’ve noticed an increase in tension in my neck and shoulder area. I also suffered with a nagging discomfort in my right ear whenever I used my phone. Once I discovered the GIA Cell Guard those problems disappeared.” -J.W., Dana Point, CA**

“For months, I had felt a drilling discomfort in my shoulder that neither chiropractic nor massage could ease. After just a few days of having the GIA Cell Guard on my Cell Phone I woke up one morning to discover my discomfort was gone! Completely gone! Over the next several days I noticed that I was bouncing out of bed quicker and had more energy all day long, more than I had for quite some time. Many people commented on how energetic I was.” -P.C., New York, NY**


Independent Lab Tests Confirm the Effectiveness of GIA Cell Guard’s Proprietary Patented MRET-Shield technology:

MRET Live Blood Cells TestLive Blood Analysis Live blood microscopy study shows the effects of EMR on the blood formation and how the installation of GIA Cell Guard with proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology on a cellular phone results in blood normalization. More
MRET EEG TestEEG Tests Brainwave study shows installation of GIA Cell Guard’s proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology protection on the cellular phone synchronizes and slows down the brain function frequencies similar to normal mode of brain function, neutralizing the electromagnetic stress and excitement caused by the EMR. More
MRET Thermography TestThermography Test Test shows an increase in temperature in all regions of subject’s face while talking to a cell phone. It also shows how the installation of MRET-Shield technology on the phone led to the reduction of the heat. More

See More Test Results

How the GIA Cell Guard works
GIA Cell Guard FAQs


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100% Risk-Free We are absolutely confident that you will benefit from using this product. But if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just return the product within 30 days of your purchase and GIA Wellness will give you a full refund. No questions asked.


Quick FAQs

Q. If I use the Hands-Free Headset, do I still need to put a Cell Guard on my phone?

A. Yes, we still recommend that you use the GIA Cell Guard on your cell phone. While the Hands-Free Air Tube Headset will help you avoid the impact of immediate exposure to your head, the phone itself will still emit EMR that can affect whatever part of your body it is held in proximity to. In addition, cell phone radiation can still put stress on the person’s biofield, even if it isn’t in immediate contact with the body. Using the Cell Guard on the phone will help prevent this.

The best recommendation to address the EMR exposure from your cell phone while providing you with hands-free convenience is by using the Cell Guard (same product as the former BIOPRO Cell Chip) and the HandsFree Headset together.

Q. If I wear a personal EMF protection device (such as a GIALife pendant) or have a plug-in device in my home (such as the Home Harmonizer), do I still need to put a Cell Guard on my phone?

A. It depends on how frequently you use your cell phone. Generally, a personal or environmental EMR intervention device will be quite sufficient to counteract the effects of any exposure. However, due to the immediate impact of a phone’s radiation on the person’s head, it is highly recommended for heavy phone users to use the GIA Cell Guard as well.

**Statements made about any products referenced on this website, and/or in any GIA Wellness presentation(s) or literature have not been evaluated by any governmental agencies. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. Any testimonials given reflect the actual experience of each individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

*BIOPRO Technology products have been acquired by GIA Wellness. These are the same products with the renowned patented and proprietary technologies that are on the cutting edge of EMR intervention.


GIA Wellness GIA Cell Guard GIA Cell Guard - cell phone radiation protection with MRET-shield technology. SKU UPC Model

I think it works but

Jun 01, 2012 by george ramirez

I was impressed by the research that's why I got this. I no longer feel my ear getting hot. However, I just learned it's not transferable if I get a new phone, unless they are of the same frequencies. Otherwise, I think it's a good product.

Response: Yes, the GIA Cell Guard can only be transferred to a phone that has the same frequency range as the old phone. You can check with your carrier for this info.

Muscle test proven

May 28, 2012 by vijaya

My naturopath doctor told me about this during a visit and he did a muscle test on me with my phone with and without the cell guard. As can be expected, my muscle tested weak when I made a call as usual, without any kind of protection. Interestingly my muscle tested stronger when I made a call with the cell guard right next to the phone, even when it wasn't even attached and still in the package! Needless to say, I got one for myself and my wife.

Felt a difference

May 21, 2012 by Jill B

Not sure how it works, but I immediately felt a difference after putting the cell guard on my phone. I had been feeling a buzzing sensation on my ear for some tine now, esp. after using my phone all day, and a friend recommended this. Thanks.

4.7 5.0 3 3 I was impressed by the research that's why I got this. I no longer feel my ear getting hot. However, I just learned it's not transferable if I get a new phone, unless they are of t GIA Cell Guard

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