Modification of the pH Values of MRET Activated Water


The research conducted at Moscow State University, Russia on distilled water revealed the oscillating and fluctuating character of pH. The results may depend on the initial pH value of the water, the type and the source of water, the time of activation and a number of environmental conditions. This experiment was conducted according to standard methodology with the help of Ionometer EV 74 (Russia). It confirmed that in MRET water activated for 30 minutes the pH values showed the tendency to balance closer to neutral pH=7 compare to non-activated water.

The fact that the oscillating changes in pH value can be observed not only for the first hours but even during several days (at least 14 days in case of 30 minutes MRET activation) supports the idea that the water can keep MRET beneficial properties for several days at room temperature. The results of this test confirm the scientifically valid phenomena of existence of “water memory,” in other words the ability of water to store the information for significant time. Another study on oncology diseases in animal model conducted at Kiyv Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of Ukrainian Academy of Science confirmed the ability of MRET water to keep its health beneficial properties during 45 days when it was kept refrigerated at 0°C.

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