Testing on Plant Seeds, Beans and Yeast of MRET-Shield Technology

Note: MRET is the main technology component of GIA Cell Guard and Universal Guard.

The biological experiment was conducted at Global Quantech, Inc., San Diego, USA on plant seeds, beans, and yeast microorganisms to verify the efficacy of MRET-Shield technology. Samples of plant seeds, beans, and yeast microorganisms were located in the close proximity to cellular phones. Cellular phones were operating in stand by mode during this experiment; in other words, experiment provided effects of the ‘near’ field.

The significant difference was observed in the growth cycle of green beans, black beans and black seeds on the twelfth day. There was not observed any significant difference in the samples of fennel seeds which did not spread out and in the growth of yeast microorganisms. Based on the results with green beans, black beans and black seeds it is reasonable to conclude that the installation of MRET-Shield (aka “MRET Nylon” or “MRET Device”) on cell phone can protect living cells against harmful, suppressive effects of EMR.

1st Day:

Without protection MRET Plant Test 1With MRET-Shield protectionMRET Plant Test 2

12th Day:

MRET Plant Test 3MRET Plant Test 4
MRET Plant Test 5MRET Plant Test 6
MRET Plant Test 7MRET Plant Test 8

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