MRET Rebounding Effect on White Blood Cell Counts

A clinical observation was conducted on a patient undergoing chemotherapy treatment for metastasized naso-pharyngeal cancer. On a regular basis, WBC counts usually decrease to very low level. The rebounding of WBC from this low range takes about 3-5 weeks. The ingestion of MRET water prevented the decrease of WBC counts to their lowest level and helped to regain the pre-chemotherapy level within unusually short period of time of 3 days.


Thus, the clinical observation revealed that on the 10th day after the beginning of chemotherapy (in 3 days after WBC counts dropped to 10% of pre-chemotherapy level) WBC counts rebounded to 93% of their pre-chemotherapy level. In compliance with Student’s Distribution criteria the rebounding of WBC was higher than 70% of pre-chemotherapy level with p=0.05.

source: MRET Water Biological Test Results (

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