Thermography Test of MRET-Shield Technology

Note: MRET is the main technology component of GIA Cell Guard and Universal Guard.

The thermography test was conducted by Dr.Fickes at Fickes Holistic Care Corp, Honolulu, Hawaii. The ability to detect and measure the thermal energy emitted from any object is known as thermography. The instruments used to measure the thermal energy are infrared cameras, and these cameras convert the invisible infrared spectrum into thermal images that can be translated into a photograph. From the following images, one will totally grasp both the bio-heating affects of cellular phones and the tremendous ability of the MRET-Shield polymer (aka “MRET Nylon” or “MRET Device”) to not only negate these deleterious effects but perhaps even show overall physiological improvements. The images of the forty-five year-old woman that follow were captured in January 2007 by Dr. Fickes.

From the control image (Fig 1) one can note that there is excessive heat surrounding the sinus cavities and the teeth.

MRET Thermography Test - ControlFig 1: Control (after 15 minutes cool down without using phone).

In the next image (Fig 2) the subject had been talking on an unprotected cell phone for fifteen minutes. It can be seen that there is an increase in temperature in all areas of the face and a much more pervasive overall heating in the lateral regions of the face. Note the area of the right ear, the left eye and down throughout the neck, including the area around the thyroid gland. These areas have sustained a significant temperature increase, but the real threat that should be considered is the fact that these areas demonstrated a temperature increase at all. One must be aware that thermal effects are only one aspect of the radiation damage. There are more.

MRET Thermography Test - without protectionFig 2: After using cell phone for 15 minutes
(without installation of MRET-Shield)

In the following image (Fig 3), the subject has talked on a cell phone with an MRET-Shield polymer chip. There has been a reduction of heat in all areas of the sinuses, face and peripheral areas, not only when compared to the previous image (talking on an unprotected phone) but even when compared to the control (Fig 1). These findings raise the issue of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) bioaccumulation effects, when considering that this individual normally uses a cell phone.

MRET Thermography Test 3 - with MRET-shield protectionFig 3: After using cell phone with MRET-Shield for 15 minutes
(there was a 20-minute break between scan 2 and scan 3). 

The analogous results were obtained in a number of thermography experiments at the Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER) Centre for Electromagnetics, a division of the Research and Design Institution of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Information for the Government of India, Chennai, India, 2008.


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