PONG Cell Phone Radiation Protection Cases

The Only Case That Channels Radiation AWAY From Your Head!

Pong technology is covered by US Patents
6341217, 6615026 and others pending.

The PONG cell phone protection case is the only product tested by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce cell phone radiation while maintaining full signal strength.

PONG reduces ‘hotspot’ cell phone radiation by 85%.

PONG reduces overall cell phone radiaiion by 60%.


PONG moves radiation away from the head
  • Radiation is a form of energy. Your cell phone antenna emits powerful radiation in order to send and receive signals to and from the wireless network. The hazard is that the antenna also radiates its energy into your headspace.
  • Pong uses a patented physics-based solution to redirect the flow of this energy.
  • Through the proven science of passive antenna coupling, Pong channels the radiation through its laddered chimney up and away from your head, thus protecting your brain from its unwanted effects. Full signal strength is maintained, so your phone?s function and battery life are not compromised. You may find that your communication efficiency actually improves with the use of the Pong case.
  • Once redirected, the harmful radiation quickly dissipates and poses no threat to you or those around you.

Magazine Confirms Pong Lab Test!

On October 7, 2009, Wired Magazine witnessed the SAR test of the Pong Case iPhone 3G/3GS at Cetecom, Inc. in Silicon Valley, California. Specific Absorption Rate fell from 1.181 W/kg for a bare iPhone 3GS to 0.421 W/kg for the same iPhone 3GS with a Pong case, a drop of 65%. They’re impressed!

"Pong's claims seem to be legitimate: Its case reduces the amount of radiation going from the iPhone into your head to a third of what it would be without the case." Wired Magazine

Read the full article here

Pong Research Chief Scientist Talks About Technology

Dr. Alfred Wong, chief scientist of Pong Research and professor
emeritus of physics at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA),
describes the development of Pong Technology and how it works.

Watch testing of the Pong case inside the Pong Research Labs

Pong Cell Phone Radiation-Reducing Cases

PONG Case - Black PONG case for Blackberry 8520

Pong Research has developed a sleek new cell phone protection case with a hidden superpower. A paper-thin strip deflects radiation away from your head, leaving you with a slender, stylish case with more protection than ever. The Pong case for iPhone 4 and select Blackberry models is the first technology proven by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the amount of cell phone radiation absorbed by your head.

  • Reduces cell phone radiation (SAR) by 60%.
  • Reduces hot spot radiation (EFI) by 85%.


  • Pong radiation redirection technology deflects radiation out and away from your head
  • Form-fitting impact-resistant, flexible shell
  • Lightweight Silicone Case
  • Easy access to all iPhone 4/5 and Blackberry controls and device features
  • Screen protection kit included

Protect Your Phone AND Your Brain!

PONG Radiation-Reducing Cases Are Available in a
Variety of Colors for iPhone, iPad and Samsung

PONG Research Cell Phone Radiation-Reducing Cases

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PONG Radiation-Reducing Cases


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