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Cell Phone Radiation Research Tests


Note: MRET is the main technology component of the GIA Cell Guard and Universal Guard.

MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) Tests:


MRET Live Blood AnalysisLive Blood Analysis
Live blood microscopy study shows the effects of EMR on the blood formation and how the installation of GIA
Cell Guard
with proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology on a cellular phone results in blood normalization. More


Brainwave study shows installation of GIA Cell Guard‘s proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology protection on the cellular phone synchronizes and slows down the brain function frequencies similar to normal mode of brain function, neutralizing the electromagnetic stress and excitement caused by the EMR. More


MRET Thermography TestThermography Test
Test shows an increase in temperature in all regions of subject’s face while talking to a cell phone. It also shows how the installation of MRET-Shield technology on the phone led to the reduction of the heat. More


MRET Cranial Nerve Cell TestCranial Nerve Cell Test
This test was conducted to verify the immune system reactions to the exposure of human subjects to different sources of electromagnetic radiation with, and without, MRET-Shield technology protection. More


The MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) angiograms show the substantial negative effect of cellular phone radiation on the state of blood vessels in all parts of the brain. They also reveal that the installation of MRET-Shield on cellular phone compensates for this negative effect and helps to maintain the blood vessels of the brain in good state. More


MRET Plants and Seeds TestTesting on Plant Seeds, Beans and Yeast
Samples of plant seeds, beans, and yeast microorganisms were placed in close proximity to cellular phones operating in stand by mode. Based on the results, it is reasonable to conclude that the installation of MRET-Shield on cell phone can protect living cells against harmful, suppressive effects of EMR. More


MRET Comparative StudyComparative Study of the Effect of MW Radiation Neutralizers
This research shows there are statistically significant changes in the physiological state of the human subjects after 5 minutes of exposure to the mobile phone radiation. The installation of MRET-Shield on the mobile phone significantly reduces the level of changes in the physiological state and makes them insignificant, something which all other tested neutralizers failed to do.   More 

Development of proprietary patented MRET shield technology is based on the following research:

Catholic University of America:
Simultaneous Application of a Spatially Coherent Noise Field Blocks Response of Cell Cultures to a 60Hz Electromagnetic Field (pdf)

Vitreous State Laboratory & Catholic University of America:
Bioeffects Induced by Exposure to Microwaves are Mitigated by Superposition of ELF Noise (pdf)
Temporally Incoherent Magnetic Fields Mitigate the response of Biological Systems to Temporally Coherent Magnetic Fields (pdf)

Vitreous State Laboratory & Catholic University of America & Walter Reed Army Institue of Research:
The Role of Coherence Time in the Effect of Microwaves on Ornithine Decarboxylase Activity (pdf)

University of Western Ontario:
Effectiveness of Noise in Blocking Electromagnetic Effects on Enzyme Activity in the Chick Embryo (pdf)

Columbia University:
Electric and Magnetic Noise Blocks the 60 Hz Magnetic Field Enhancement of Steady State c-myc Transcript Levels in Human Leukemia Cells (pdf)

Bioelectromagnetic Research Laboratory & University of Washington:
Interaction of Microwaves and a Temporally Incoherent Magnetic Field on Spatial Learning in the Rat (pdf)

Bioelectromagnetic Laboratory & Zhejiang University School of Medicine:
Noise Magnetic Fields Abolish the Gap Junction Intercellular Communication Suppression Induced by 50 Hz Magnetic Fields (pdf)
The Clustering of Growth Factor and Cytokine Factor Response Receptors was Induced by 50 Hz Magnetic Field and Blocked by Noise Magnetic Field (pdf)


Also see:
MRET: Scientific Publications and Presentations

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