tawkon Cell Phone Radiation Monitor App

tawkon Cell Phone Radiation Monitor App

Company: tawkon

Would you be interested to know how much radiation you’re getting exposed to when making a call? Wouldn’t you want to know when it’s not safe so you can take necessary actions to reduce your risk? Now there’s a technology designed specifically to give you these kinds of information and more..

tawkon is a mobile phone application that shows you when you’re OK to talk on and how to minimize your exposure to mobile phone radiation just when you need to.

tawkon achieves this with RRI™ (Real-time Radiation Indication) patent-pending technology. RRI collects and analyzes your phone’s dynamic SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels, network coverage, location, environmental conditions and phone usage at any given moment. RRI leverages unique smart phones capabilities such as GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensors and more to help minimize radiation exposure during mobile phone usage.


tawkon screen


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Prediction Mode (while not on a call):

  • tawkon helps you decide how to make your next call according to predicted absorption levels if a call would be made under current conditions
  • Maps your environment to show low-to-high cellular radiation zones throughout your home, office or neighborhood
  • A green, yellow or red icon on your phone’s home screen(BlackBerry & Android) indicates radiation levels if a call would be made under current conditions

Call Mode:

  • Real-time alerts with smart action prompts help you reduce mobile phone radiation exposure just when you actually need it
  • Live feedback shows how effective recommended actions were in reducing radiation exposure

Intelligent suggestions & feedback:

  • tawkon provides real-time intelligent suggestions (during a call) to avoid mobile phone radiation
  • Suggestions and feedback are based on several dynamic factors that cause mobile phone radiation emitted during the call to increase, and precautionary measures to reduce radiation exposure

And more:

  • Statistics – tawkon tracks your ongoing exposure to mobile phone radiation and shows how much radiation you actually avoided by following tawkon recommended precautionary actions;
  • World Map (iPhone & Android) – shares average radiation exposure levels with the tawkon community.
  • Sensitivity level settings – allows adjustment of alert settings; children and teens may set the tawkon alert to be more sensitive, for example, since they are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation.

Radiation levels emitted from mobile phones can fluctuate dramatically during a call and are dependent on many dynamic factors.

tawkon is the only application that immediately recognizes when radiation exposure has increased, alerts you when radiation levels cross a predefined threshold, and provides simple, non-intrusive suggestions to reduce exposure to radiation. Suggestions are based on your real time environment and usage factors.

Watch Death Grip demo on iPhone,
Android, BlackBerry using tawkon
[youtube 83eXWu9_BRs 400 250]

Watch video demonstration of tawkon on Blackberry
[youtube g-uRyjsLbkw 400 250]

Watch video demonstration of tawkon on Android
[youtube j6Atm3nz4s4 400 250]

tawkon is currently available for FREE download on selected Android and Blackberry devices. If your phone is not yet supported, you can sign up at the download page to be notified when it becomes available. The app works on the iPhone but so far Apple hasn’t approved it. If you own an iPhone and would like to have tawkon on your phone, you can sign the petition when you click on the link below.

Note: Use your device when downloading the application.

>> Click here to download tawkon now or to learn more <<

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